12 Top TV Shows for 2012 and your Sky Planner

8 Jan

New Girl – Fridays, 8.30pm on E4

Zooey Deshanel plays a quirky chick in her late twenties, who comes home to surprise her boyf with a little peep show only to find him having a peep at someone else. Oh no. She then rents an apartment with three dudes through craigslist, who are 50-50 on a chick moving in but are swayed by the fact new girl’s bezzie mate is a model. The show is like a mash-up of Three Men and a Baby and Friends, I think it’s when the guys serenade her with “I’ve had the time of my life’ in a posho restaurant that you realise how cute and potentially cheesy this show is going to get. I’m sure by series 3, the not-so-new girl will have shacked up with the Mark Ruffalo lookalikey bartender flatmate.

Don’t trust the B**** in Apartment 23 – early 2012 on E4

This is another show about new room-mates in the big city. A party chick moves in with a naïve chick, and just to make it a cosy threesome, their neighbour is Dawson Creek’s James Van Der Beek, who is making the most of his past teen heartthrob status with the ladeez. Never keen on Dawson’s Crack, I saw JVDB in a very different light after watching Bret Easton Ellis’ Rules of Attraction in which he is surprisingly good as Sean Bateman, American Psycho’s little bro, so can imagine he could be a lot of fun in this.

Veep – April 2012 on Sky Atlantic

Armando Iannucci calls this the cousin of The Thick of It, enough said. Julia-Louis Dreyfuss stars as a former senator appointed to vice-president as in the Veep.

The Thick of It has been missed, so it’ll be interesting to see if there is an American version of Malcolm Tucker, or maybe he’ll make a special little cameo.

Titanic – April 2012 on ITV 3 and BBC1

Ok there are two titanic TV shows to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the steel ship, the BBC’s Titanic: Blood and Steel (not to be confused with soft porn Spartacus: Blood and Sand) and Julian Fellowes’Downton Abbey on a ship’ version for ITV. Chris Noth is in the BBC version, so that’s worth a watch for the SATC fans who need a Mr Big fix.

Dallas – Summer 2012 on Channel 4

It’s time to rock the shoulder pads, chandelier earrings and hide the vodka from Sue-Ellen, Dallas is back with eighties TV legends, JR Ewing, Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing. Yes we’re back in Southfork with the next generation of the Ewings, and in the words of JR “All that matters is winnin’!”

Newsroom – TBA on Sky Atlantic

Newsroom is Aaron Sorkin’s (of West Wing, The Social Network fame) new show. Yes it probably will be West Wing in a newsroom but hey I love any newsroom based show/film, Anchorman, Drop the Dead Donkey, The Hour, Press Gang, The Wire, er any Superman film or TV show including Lois and Clarke: The new adventures of Superman. I feel a little shame about this but I hide it well.

Returning shows in 2012!

Being Human – early 2012 on BBC 3

With Russell Tovey leaving the show to focus more on the awesome Him and Her and Aiden Turner at Hobbit Bootcamp, yes it’s time for some fresh new blood. There’s a new posh vampire and raised in the wild by Robson Green werewolf played by Michael Socha returns.

Mad Men – March 2012 on Sky Atlantic

I know Mad Men fans have been pining for the return of Don Draper’s whisky-drinking, womanising ways. My boss is so excited that he’s decided to have a Mad Men Marathon session for the next five weeks. He’s watching a season, a fortnight, so he’ll be in the zone for the 1950’s ad drama when it re-starts in six weeks.  That is commitment and preparation. I’m impressed. Last night it was Roger and the twins. “What a great God that made two of you”. In the words of my boss, “No wonder he had a heart attack”.

The Hour – Summer 2012 on BBC 2

The first series didn’t have a lot of heart and it only started getting interesting in the last episode. But with Malcolm Tucker aka Peter Capaldi joining as head of news, it might become a little more bearable. I’m not entirely convinced.

Downton Abbey – late 2012 ITV

Well I can’t wait to see the Dowager Countess Grantham in her pearls and flapper dress as Downton Abbey enters the 1920s. After declaring undying love in the Christmas special, I’m sure there is a wedding on the cards for Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew but there’s probably a scandal brewing in the servants quarters that will impact the rest of the household, including our kissing cousins. Cannot wait!

Episodes – Summer 2012 on BBC 2

Episodes is back on BBC2 this summer. I know because Stephen Mangan told me via Twitter. His one word response ‘summer’ to my question makes me like him even more. That and the fact he is a Spurs fan. Matt LeBlanc is also up for a Golden Globe for playing himself. Oh the irony. Oh the quirk of fate.

Made In Chelsea – No idea when this back on either

Yes others are so over Spaggie but I’m interested in the next installment. Will pretty Proudcock make his move on Caggs down under? Will Spennie consummate his bromance with Hugo? What will Binky say next? Nothing really surpasses “Is veal baby lamb?”



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